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Monday, July 7, 2014


Welcome to my gunsmithing weblog where I will be documenting some of the more interesting repair and restoration work that comes in to the shop.  My philosophy regarding repairs and restoration is as follows, a repair is only done right if it is completely undetectable, no ifs, ands or buts.   Restoration work must be done in accordance with the factory methods and the results must be identical to the factory's work, otherwise it is simply refinished, no matter how "nice" it looks.  Restoration is a word that is well overused in gunsmithing today by many who have no idea of how to do it properly.  Correctly done, a repair or restoration will enhance the value of a collectible firearm while poorly done repairs or refinishing will have the opposite effect.  I do not do "general gunsmithing" like mounting scopes or installing sling swivels.  I do only specialized and custom gunsmithing.  You may find someone cheaper or faster but I guarantee that you will not find better quality work anywhere, at any price.  My services are not inexpensive and my turnaround is not fast (due to my backlog) but the work is always performed with the utmost care.  Anything less would not protect your investment, which is my primary concern.  In these posts you will see some examples of gunsmithing and restoration done the right way.  More examples of my work can be found at
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Liability disclaimer: 
Nothing posted on this blog is meant to constitute instruction in any way.  This is not a "how-to" series.  If you are overcome with hubris and decide "hey, that looks easy" and injure (or kill) yourself, someone else or a (formerly) valuable firearm, I will in NO WAY ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for your foolhardiness.
It's sad that this needs to be said, and everyone wants to blame the lawyers but if adults took responsibility for their own actions then the lawyers wouldn't be involved in the first place.

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