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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rescuing a rare Luger

Here is a 1910 DWM commercial Luger that someone, for reasons unknown, customized with a grinder - right through the front strap.  Many (but not all) military issue Lugers had unit markings stamped on their front straps but commercial Lugers should not (usually) have any front strap markings, so who knows what the perpetrator of this heinous deed was thinking.  Whatever the reason, what's done is done.  Luckily some things that are done can be un-done and here is the process in detail.

Here is what it looked like to start.  Notice the amount that the grips overhang at the front edge, this is absolutely correct for a Luger of this vintage and make.

Here is a shot with the grips removed and the front strap marked at the approximate cut points.

In these photos you can see that I've sectioned the front strap, machined a new piece to fit and I've also machined a welding jig/alignment fixture from aluminum to hold the new piece in place while preserving the frame alignment during welding.  The jig will also prevent the molten steel from simply dropping through while welding on the thinner areas of the strap.

Here is the new piece welded in place.

The top weld is filed and polished.

The bottom weld roughly filed up.

All filed up and polished and ready to be rust-blued.

Here is the finished job.


  1. Having worked on this luger, would you happen to know anyone who can identify and appraise a un-fired broomhandle Mauser?

    Nice article on leather pads in Shooting Sportsman.