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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Un-drilling a Fox

So far we've seen the results of the incorrect application of screwdriver, hammer, punch and grinder.
Here is an example of just one way to misuse a drill.  Apparently the extractor guide pins broke and drilling holes (multiple) on the barrel flats to knock them out seemed like a good idea.

Notice the rough, original finish of the barrel flats.  This finish must be maintained and this area is a perfect example of the difference between "nice" and "correct" that often arises in restoration work.
If this were a custom job, the barrel flats and hidden areas would be filed and polished in the same manner as the other exterior surfaces.

The holes are TIG welded.

Then filed....

...and blued.

Of course I also made and installed new guide pins for each extractor segment to complete the repair.

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