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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Remington Smoot revolver

This revolver was missing the entire ejector rod assembly which had to be fabricated from scratch based upon photographs.


  1. Hello, it's great that you are restoring these old firearms!
    I recently bought a Remington Smoot #2 revolver that is missing the retaining ring for the ejector rod. I am trying to remove the cylinder to clean it, and need a way to push out the cylinder axis pin.
    How would you remove the axis pin if the retaing ring has broken off?

    1. The easiest method would probably be to disassemble the frame and push the cylinder pin out from the rear. The hole goes all the way through the frame and is visible below the firing pin aperture.

    2. Thanks Dewey, I will do exactly that, and after every part is clean I am going to braze a retaining ring that I have made to the axis pin.