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Friday, March 27, 2020

Why ???

Here's what happens when you mix laziness, lack of imagination and a Dremel tool.  Rather than properly polish and spot (it is NOT jeweling or engine turning) the bolt body, our "big name" "gunmaker" did this.  Perhaps the randomness of this "decoration" is supposed to be the Yin counterpoint to the Yang of a bolt action's precision?  Nah, it's just lazy hackery that didn't take long to do, compared to just about any possible alternative.  Did he actually think that this looked good?  Perhaps.  Did he think that the customer would think it looked good?  I don't know, but our "custom gunmaker" was proud enough of it to put his name on the barrel.  Think about that for a minute.  What a hideous mess.

Even the locking lugs got the decorative treatment.


  1. Dewey,

    It leaves a bit to be desired. Did the bolt belong to a rifle with a fluted barrel, a Tupperware stock, and a scope that is comparable in size to the average spotting scope? That kind of work would fit in with what I just described. Given that the bolt is CRF, I'm guessing not.


  2. Hi Lee,

    The bolt is from a classic-type custom rifle based on a Model 70. It's from the same guy that originally did the other Model 70 that I blogged about. He also did the same thing to that bolt. He's a big"name" in the custom bolt action world. I'm correcting many things about this rifle and when all is done, the only thing left of his work will be the inletting.

  3. Is it meant to be like lightning or something? How horrid :(