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Monday, June 11, 2018

Attention Auction Bidders

My proximity to the newly merged Morphy's / James D. Julia auction house allows me to offer pre-bid inspections of any firearms in upcoming auctions.  The Pre-Bid Inspection/Evaluation is the same as the pre-purchase inspection/evaluation service that I've offered for years.  With a Pre-Bid Inspection/Eval, you can bid with the confidence of knowing the exact condition of the arm at the time of inspection, its critical dimensions, condition (both mechanical and cosmetic) and any rework or repairs that may be needed or have been done in the past.  While Julia's has always had a very good reputation as far as describing their lots, sometimes mistakes are made and let's face facts, the seller will usually "highlight the good points" of an item.  As a neutral third party, I will describe the item fairly and truthfully, both good and bad so that you, the bidder will have no surprises in store.  The cost for this service is modest at one hundred fifty dollars, think of it as cheap insurance.

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