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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Beretta SO-5 Conversion

Here is a Beretta SO-5 Sporting Clays gun.  The original stock was of typical Italian target gun contour, tightly curved pistol grip, deep toe line and generally "heavy" looking.  The owner much preferred the look of the factory straight hand stock and forend without the unsightly schnabel end.
The factory metal finish was a bit tired and rough as well so that was also addressed during its stay.

 The buttstock and forend in their original configuration

The first cut

The client also wanted a spurred Silver's recoil pad (in red).

The original pistol hand triggerguard strap was cut off and new material welded in place.   The engraving on the new guard strap was designed to "mesh" more harmoniously with that of the rest of the gun.  The original engraving looked a bit like an afterthought and the "SO5" looked a lot more like "SOS".

The new strap and screws look much better thanks to Geoffroy Gournet's engraving.

Here is the butt shaped, finish sanded and ready to start the point pattern checkering.  Also note that the schnabel has been removed from the forend.

The finished job, much more aesthetically pleasing


  1. Wow, that looks 1,000x better! As always, I'm impressed by your ability. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I agree.
    Thanks for sharing. Nice job.