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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I have heard from a surprising number of individuals expressing their regret about the demise of my gunsmithing blog, it seems there were a good number more that enjoyed and appreciated it than I'd have ever thought.  Upon further reflection, perhaps my decision to remove it was made in haste and anger, two elements that when combined rarely lead to the best of decisions.  The stated purpose of the blog was to educate owners of quality guns, of any type, to be able to distinguish competent workmanship from the not-so-good workmanship that, unfortunately, is so prevalent in gunsmithing (and many other trades) today.  There are far too many "gunsmiths" in the US that hang out a shingle and offer services that they simply lack the ability or experience to perform.  There are even some that refer to themselves as "master gunmakers", which is complete nonsense.  There is no legitimate guild or apprenticeship system to bestow the title of "master" in the US, as far as gunsmithing is concerned.  Anyone who refers to himself as a master gunmaker has bestowed that title upon himself should be viewed with even higher suspicion than other self-styled "experts".  I do not claim to be an "expert" or a "master", my only claim is to being competent.   Since (apparently) the blog was performing its intended purpose, I have decided to bring it back.  If some other person in the trade is inspired by something seen on the blog, I realise now that I should be glad to have been of help, but I still take no responsibility for the results.


  1. Glad to see you back, it's much better to see things done properly, than to guess at what might be the right way. By the way, I think you are just a bit more than competent.

  2. Dewey , Thank you for bringing back the blog . I am thoroughly amazed by the genius of you work .

    Best , Mark Garrett

  3. This blog is among my favorite reads on the WWW. It is at first educational and at best inspirational for those of us who are perfectionists at heart.

    Seeing the results of a kindred spirit applying his knowledge together with equal amounts of patience brings the term "opulence" to my mind and I thank you for it. Attention to detail, knowing what to do with it and caring enough to see it through is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

  4. I have just seen your excellent blog has returned. Well done for doing that. I have been following you youtube channel, because my other love, apart from classic firearms, are old triumph motorcycles. Well done.