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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Yeah, I'm Still Here.

 No, the title has nothing to do with the, ahem, "pandemic".  Rather, it has to do with my departure from Instagram.  Yes, I actually had an account on the 'Gram, because everyone said "that's the place to be" if you want to be seen.  Seen by whom, that is the question.

I have since come to a few realizations.  The first is that it is an arm of Facebook, the second is that, much like FB, the accumulation of "likes" and "followers" is the actual goal of being on the platform.  The level of vapidity and shallowness is utterly astounding.  It truly is nothing more than a bunch of people shouting: "Look at me!"  Much like internet forums, it's a place where people show off that which should probably remain hidden, at least if things like objectivity and shame actually existed anymore.  Also like internet forums, it's a place where mediocrity and the mundane are celebrated.  Like all "social media", it's actually anti-social because it subverts personal, human-to-human interaction.   

Besides, if a gunsmith has time to hang out on forums, F-book or Instagram, they either don't have enough work to do, or, maybe they're not actually the one doing the work.

So, the blog is once again, and shall remain, my only internet presence.  Everything else just feels too dirty.


  1. I think the election pretty much exposed social media for what is really is.............
    Just my two cents. I don't do FB or instagram. I do follow your blog because I enjoy watching your work and the miracle of bringing some wonderful old pieces back to life. Carry on.................

  2. The election had nothing to do with it for me. You couldn't pay me to give a shit about politics, it's a waste of time and energy. The downside of social media and the internet in general has been obvious for quite a while.

  3. Good for you, Dewey! Time for abandoning useless BS and getting back to the pursuit of excellence. People will find you based on your work, not some gratuitous crap on social media.