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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Leather Covered Pad for a Dakota Model 10

 The client wasn't thrilled with the standard, black rubber recoil pad that came on his Dakota single shot and wanted something with a bit more elegance.  The rifle sports a color case-hardened frame with no engraving, only very well-executed gold wire around each panel and is stocked in a beautiful piece of English walnut, so the black rubber Pachmayr pad was definitely the weak link in the aesthetic chain.

He did like the sharp contours of the original pad though, so I duplicated them in the leather covered version.  The pad I used as a base is a Silver's, as always.  Its firmness (that's an understatement) is useful when a covered pad with sharp edges is the goal.  The hide in this case is kangaroo, and the color is black.

Black you say?  I know, I've stated before that a client can have any color they want, as long as it's brown but, that rule doesn't apply to a custom rifle and, in this case, I believe that black complements the overall look well.

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