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Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Dent Repair

This is a set of Parker barrels that had suffered damage in transit.  The right barrel was deeply dented on the underside, about ten inches from the muzzle.  It was quite a time-consuming repair, complicated by a lack of barrel wall thickness and having to refinish and blend the repaired area.  Due to the barrel wall thickness, I did not want to remove ANY significant amount of material from either the inside or outside of the barrel.  This meant that the barrel material had to be "moved" back into its pre-dent condition completely and very, very carefully to conserve what wall thickness was there.


Repaired and ready for refinishing of the repaired area

The repaired area is refinished and blended to the surrounding finish.  Yes it CAN be done.

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  1. If the barrel was dented that bad I'd like to see the case that it was being transported in. It must have had one heck of a hole in it!