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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another Modern Revolver

Another Ruger Security-Six, owned by the same client as the blued version shown in an earlier blog post.  This one started as a stainless, square butt, six inch barreled "warning era" version, meaning that the left side of the barrel was roll-stamped with an entire paragraph, basically admonishing one to not be a doofus when handling a firearm.  This one got much the same treatment as its blued sibling.

- The warning was removed from the barrel.
- The barrel was cut to 5 inches, recrowned and machined to accept a Bowen ramp sight base.
- The hammer spur was welded up and reshaped to a Python-esque form and hand checkered at 20 lpi.
- All contours were sharpened or created whole, since all Rugers come from the factory looking like they were attacked by a gunsmith school dropout with a buffing wheel setup.
- GP100 style flute cut into right recoil shield.
- Flattened the pot belly look at the forward bottom of the frame/yoke.
- Cylinder latch thumb pad hand checkered at 30 lpi.
- Cylinder turned true, beveled at the front, decorative ring turned at the rear and chambers chamfered.
- Tuned action with trigger stop.
- Recontoured, smooth faced trigger.
- Serrated rear sight base.
- Round butt conversion.
- All roll pins were replaced with solid, domed pins.
- Satin glass bead blasted finish with polished hammer and trigger.
- Reshaped and refinished Herrett's stocks.

Here are a few photos of the process of sharpening up the frame contours.

The finished job.

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