No Compromises, No corners Cut, EVER.

No Compromises, No Corners Cut, EVER.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Parker Repro

This Parker Reproduction came in with a broken stock and bent triggerguard.  In contrast to the previously posted Pape, this was a "best case" scenario, meaning that there was no previous attempt to repair the break and as many pieces as could be found were included.  The triggerguard was bent in a couple of different directions and the screws were lost.  The photos detail the repair process.

As it came in

After stripping the finish and "adjusting" the broken pieces to fit as perfectly as possible, the whole works is epoxied and placed in a fixture until the epoxy cures.

After removing from the fixture, the hand is milled almost all the way through and a walnut insert is epoxied in place.  This is superior to using a dowel in the middle of the hand because if you think of the hand of the stock as a beam (which it is), putting a reinforcement (dowel) in the neutral axis of the beam does little to add any strength.

Once the reinforcement is cured, the triggerplate and guard are inletted and the guard screw and hand screw holes are drilled.

With the structural work finished, the cosmetic work of hiding the break and recutting the checkering can commence.

 After finishing the stock (and forend to match), the missing triggerguard screws are made in the usual manner.

 The finished job.