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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Un-#@!$&^%!-ing a Small Bore AE Grade Fox

Here is a Fox AE grade in 16 gauge with rare 32 inch barrels.  This gun was a perfect example of gunsmithing by someone who shouldn't.  It was sent to a gunsmith to correct a loose action among other problems.  The barrel hook was welded (poorly) and sloppily refit, the barrels were clamped in bare vise jaws at the chamber ends and buffed on a wheel before being badly reblued, the forend was glued up with multiple pieces (and wood putty), the stock was sanded well below the metal before being refinished and it had the obligatory butchered screwheads.
Since the barrel hook had been welded, and welding would be required to repair the buffing wheel damaged areas, I did not replace the hinge pin in this gun.  I welded and refit the hook properly, blacked the barrels down, made new screws and reblued the barrels and triggerguard correctly.  I also made a new forend and "raised" the wood before refinishing, recheckering (in the correct flat-topped pattern) and fitting a NOS Hawkins recoil pad.  There are reproduction Hawkins pads but they are far too big to actually use on most guns.

Below are the before and after photos.


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