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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Heel and Toe Plates for a Grulla SLE

This Grulla SLE, a quality Holland-pattern gun, originally had a skip-checkered wooden butt that had suffered some rash over the years, so the client wished to have steel heel and toe plates installed.
The plates will be engraved and then hardened and coin finished so that they appear original.
The following photos detail the making and fitting of the parts.  The exposed wood in between the plates was recheckered at 24 lines per inch to match the grip panels.

The heel plate...

The toe plate...

The plates fitted and ready for engraving and the butt is checkered.  The plates will be engraved so that they appear to be original to the gun (which is done in the English rose and scroll style).  Since I lack the artistic ability to design an aesthetically pleasing layout for the engraving, the engraving will be done by master engraver Geoffroy Gournet.

I got the plates back from Geoffroy,  I then hardened and nickel plated them and here is the finished job.

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