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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

So Long UPS

Apparently, the new policy at UPS is to COMPLETELY open and UNPACK ALL packages prior to acceptance, for security reasons of course.  I don't spend my valuable time packing guns that are worth sums that most UPS employees can't even comprehend so that some unskilled, weak-minded member of the UPS flock can "comply with company policy" while probably damaging said guns.
I was told this at the UPS Customer Center/terminal just today and verified it with UPS customer service.  I guess DHL and FedEx will be getting my business from this time forward.


  1. Fairly new to your blog so I apologize if I missed your past reasons for not using USPS Registered Mail service for high value items. I have shipped several, admittedly nothing compared to your experience, high dollar firearms using USPS Registered Mail and had no issues whatsoever other than it took 2-4 day longer to arrive at destination. The price was also downright cheap compared to insuring such packages with the other common carriers. I also had a sense of security (hopefully not a false one) knowing that I was using the same mailing system by which untold amounts of gold bullion, worth millions of $s is shipped daily throughout the US. Enjoying your blog. Thank you.

  2. Yours is not a theoretical concern. I packed and shipped a Ron Powers custom Smith model 19 with an exquisite action. It leaded badly and refused to group lead bullets of any persuasion. Brownells forcing cone gauge showed a severely oversized forcing cone, requiring a several turn barrel setback.
    I found someone that I trusted in Texas who did a great job, curing the accuracy problems. He had it a reasonable four or five months.
    Unfortunately, the package had been opened, The Pachmyer Defender grips sliced, and the revolver dropped on the concrete floor. The front sight had a slight repairable nick, but one half of the rear sight blade was bent 90 degrees. I was hoping that the revolver smith had not dropped it and he didn't. He received it opened and damaged with no note from UPS about their mischief. UPS allows only thirty days to make a claim for damages that I didn't know about for five months. They were firm on their written policy that the customer automatically agrees to in advance. In addition, the warranty claims are handled by a third party company, effectively isolating UPS from a small claims case. It wasn't worth it and I was able to do the repairs myself. Fed Ex quote to ship was 238 dollars for a non dealer.