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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Granite State Hot Rod (Fox #003)

The metalwork on this project was detailed here:   It was also detailed in the July/August 2016 issue of Shooting Sportsman.
The owner is a proud New Hampshire native and wanted the "Old Man of the Mountain", a New Hampshire landmark, engraved on the bottom of the frame.  After some thought and discussion, we decided to incorporate as many state-specific features as possible into the gun.  These will be noted with the photos.

The Old Man of the Mountain

Purple Lilacs (state flower) on the screw heads and triggerguard bow

"Granite" texturing in place of checkering (inspired by Cannon Mountain)

The state seal and the outline of the state, the "ivory" dot is the capitol.

Heel and toe plates of Paper/White Birch  (the state tree)

Ladybug front bead of faux ivory (the state insect)

The glamour shots

Some photos from the owner


  1. Dewey,

    I'm amazed by your ability, whether it is what "appears" to a layman to be a "simple" part but is extremely complex, to your full blown custom work.


  2. It is super work. Please videa in youtube with gunsmith work....
    your remodeling in youtube is super and this blog is super, cool, the best.....

  3. One word - stunning! The engraving is very tasteful and enhances (versus distracting from) the clean lines of the gun. I really like that the owner chose a "theme" and then stuck with it throughout. A very unique and classy approach. Congrats to you on the build, and to the owner for having good taste and trusting you to build a truly one of a kind firearm.

  4. Mr. Vicknair,
    I read the story of this work on the Fox in the magazine. I then HAD to see the photos of the completed shotgun. Amazing! You should be very proud of your work..! Thank you.
    Wes Stueber