No Compromises, No corners Cut, EVER.

No Compromises, No Corners Cut, EVER.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Rising-Bite FTR Update: Almost Done

Here are some almost finished shots.  After two and a half years of nights and weekends, the end is in sight.  The next agenda items are the four screws for the forend latch escutcheons, a safety mechanism, and to design and make the quick-detachable scope mount for the Leupold VX2 1-4X scope.  I have a few design ideas for the safety mechanism but almost all of them will spoil the smooth, continuous line of the top strap.  I will likely use a roller actuator since that would provide a much lower profile than any type of slide or lever, thus minimally impacting the rifle's profile.   I had designed and mocked up a grip safety earlier in the project but it spoiled the profile as well, so that idea was discarded.  Other than my name on the lock plates and rib, and the caliber, it will not be engraved.  For new readers, here is a link to the start of the project:
and here:
and here:

The final regulation target, shot at 75 yards (could not see it at 100).  I'll have to move the rear sight over a bit.

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