Monday, September 5, 2016

A Lindner Daly, Diamond Grade "Sextuple" SBT...

...That had suffered failure of every single part of the ejector mechanism, except for the sear.
 Prussian Daly guns use Deeley's patent ejector system, which consists of a tumbler (hammer), mainspring, mainspring swivel, sear,  and sear spring for each side, and a housing to contain everything.  Since this is an SBT, only one of each part needed to be replaced.  Obviously, one does not simply ring up and order these parts.  Each of the following was fabricated from either O1 or 1095, hammer, swivel, mainspring and sear spring.

The sear spring (1095)

The swivel (O1)

The tumbler, roughed out (O1)

The mainspring (1095)

The new parts (on the right), hardened, tempered, fitted and finish polished

Here is how the parts relate (approximately) when assembled

The assembled ejector mechanism, ready to be installed on the forend iron, the punch marks on the ejector housing are original.

Here is the finished gun.

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